The Family


Ste is one of the original family members and the founder of Modified365, a total banter merchant, and Director of VinylScene.

Ste’s position in the family is the guy everyone goes to, he’s responsible for all of the logo designs, website, forum, blog, Facebook Group, basically anything tech, as well as this thanks to the success of his company VinylScene he is also the reason that all of the Modified365 merchandise is designed and produced in-house.



With every mediocre man is a great woman, and the same is said for Ste.

Miranda, Ste’s better half, and another founding member of Modified365 has been here since day one, supporting both Ste and the rest of the family with all decisions and assisting in pushing the family forward.

Hats off to Miranda as we all know how much Ste works and she has her hands full with him.



Dan, aka CleanFreak, is another founding member of Modified365 along with Ste & Miranda, Dan is again one of the original family members. Dan currently deals with any company relations and links to help gain publicity and promotional items.

Dan also deals with the Social Media Teams and loves to do Car and Product reviews.

When it comes to having a clean car Dan is a Clean Freak hence the nickname, Dan’s been detailing cars for 11 years and also runs CleanFreak Details.



Dan, yep, another Dan, has been with Modified365 since 2015 and attends the majority of shows with us, in 2018 Dan joined the reps team, soon after we realised how much effort and time he dedicates to 365 so we swiftly stepped him up to be one of the main men that keep things going along side the three founders. Dan also helps organise events and shows and is a pure Wax Addict, if you need to know a good wax for your car, speak to this guy!



Dillon as many of us know him is another family member that we just can’t miss out, he’s been with us since… Well, before the group even started officially, he’s supported us every step of the way and is one of the most loyal family members we know. A show really isn’t a show unless himself and his lovely BMW aren’t in attendance.



Sam is our Shuffling, Herbalife, Detailing, Craftsman, Sam has supported Modified365 since day one in many ways and in 2016 started organising shows for us to attend, the first show Sam organised for us to attend in 2016 turned out to be one of our best turnouts ever so hats off to this guy, he has some magical ways to entice people to attend (We’re not too sure if we want to know what those ways are, though).



Dan, aka ‘ThatSouthernAlbinoKid’, is our Southern show and event organiser, Dan does an amazing job at keeping us in the scene and attending show’s down south.

Dan became part of the family about a year in, and in many ways has pushed the community forward into bigger and better times.



Jon has been part of Modified365 since the very start and in 2017 started organising events along with Sam to get us to more shows throughout the year. We still don’t think he’s had the same car for a whole show season yet though? One day he will settle on a car, we think?