Welcome the boys from PHAT! detailing.

We all know the situation now, everyone is looking for the best finish they can possibly get for their cars. Deep glossy look but not sacrificing any protection.

Since the detailing scene had a massive boom some years ago it seems new companies with “innovative” products are popping up everywhere, mix this with the big boys bringing out new products it can be a bit of a minefield to negotiate what is right for both your car and you.

Products around now seem to escalate in price too… I’m guilty of paying well into the 3 figures for a wax and my detailing collection alone must be in the thousands. But hey that’s why I’m CleanFreak right?

Ok ok. So what am I trying to get at here, well as most of you now know we have partnered up with the dudes over at Phat detailing, to give our members some great offers and advice when it comes to car care. DON’T WORRY! This is by no means an advert for them, just 100% honesty and truth with the added touch of an introduction to Phat and what they are about.

Why Phat?

I first came across Phat on the standard Instagram posts, people tagging them saying about the great results and their great products, so of course, the self-confessed OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Detailer) in me wanted to know and started the research; I had a mooch around the website and came across a good range of products. Interior, exterior, protection etc. but then something caught my eye.

The Prices.

I found it bizarre, at how at a time when products seem to be going up in price, Phat are hitting the market so low. Take their fallout, £7.99 for 500ml. whereas most other brands you will only just see a bit of change from £15, ok so not a huge difference but take into fact these low prices follow through the whole range you can save yourself a fair bit on a full restock, IF the products are up to standard quality wise.

So in goes the order.

I decided to try a few things at first.

  • Get Your Zest On All Purpose Cleaner
  • Clay Me Up Lube
  • Suds Shampoo
  • Fallout Iron Remover
  • Phunky Detailer Quick Detailing Spray Plus More

Now, I’m not going to go into full details of each product here as I’m not trying to put you to sleep with some light reading and will be doing individual reviews over the course of the next few blogs. So instead I’m going to touch on my findings overall and a few pointers on some products.

The products arrived in a quick fashion well packaged and no spills or leaks a huge plus! (A massive annoyance for me)

So off we went for a play - The car used was, of course, the Qashqai as I know exactly what the paint is like and what previous products have been used as no one has washed it but me since it left the stealership, sorry, dealership.

Using the 2BM (Bucket Method) with a swissvax wash poodle pad and swissvax drying towel we started with the initial wash and I was surprised at how far a little of the shampoo went, it seemed to easily lift the bug residue and road grime efficiently enough so thumbs up there! Next was the Phunky Detailer, sprayed over the vehicle whilst wet to aid the drying process, using the swissvax towel then following over with the Modified365 Plush Microfibre. I was happy with the results, a nice shine with no residue left behind.

Now this is where I was WHEELEY impressed

Sorry for the pun!

I purchased the wheeley clean and keep ‘em shiney products and honestly was pleasantly surprised.

The wheeley clean came active nicely when agitated with a brush and took the brake dust and road grime off the diamond cut wheels really nicely, I tried it in the arches too and the same happy results.

I of course then finished them with keep ‘em shiney. A review yet to be done on its durability and quality but so far so good. So good in fact that it's now my only wheel system to use!

Now I did buy a few bits of protection but again ill post a review of those in due course but for now here is a sneak peak at the type of finish I was achieving with a bit of a play around.

Safe to say I love them.


Now, by all means, I’m not saying I found all their products amazing, one, in particular, I didn’t get on with and that was bling me dash, it smells nice and gives a great finish but when raining and the door is open the water tends to take the finish off leaving water marks and runs.

I think in future this product in my personal choice will be a no - however, they do have an alternative product called trim bling that can be used on any trims internal and external. It smells nice but not as nice as bling me dash but gives a brilliant finish with a protective seal too, I’m happy with that.

The products from Phat seem well thought about, ever tweaked but most importantly cost effective!

I can honestly say my skepticism that I had at first has been put to one side. To prove a point here is a comparable shopping list of products based on Phat and Another Firm.



AF (Another Firm)

  Shampoo £7.99 £11.95
  Clay Lube £4.99 £7.95
  Detailing Spray  £7.99 £9.95
  Wheel Cleaner £6.99 £8.95
  Wheel Sealant £4.99 *Spray* £19.95 *Wax*
  TFR £5.99 £8.95
  Snowfoam 1L £8.99 £12.95
  Fallout remover £7.99 £11.95
  Trim dresser £4.99 *250ml* £11.95 *500ml*
  Tyre shine £7.99 £8.95
  Glass cleaner £4.99 £6.95
  Panel spray sealant £8.99 £16.95
  TOTAL BASKET £82.88 £137.40

SO you can get quality shine for low prices see.

Now I know some products may be better than others but this is to just show you what the guys at Phat are trying to do, which brings me to the guys themselves. I can’t fault them. Happy to help with any queries in products and are genuinely just a load of car guys, looking to bring good products to the scene without it costing everyday people the world to do. They are very much like us at Modified365 about making things equal, fair and going back old skool ways of the cars scene of no elitism or cliques.

So, to sum up, I think the boys at Phat have really done something great here, they seem to have some good, some great and frankly some sheer amazing products but not one of them give you a second thought of should I really spend that much! I have now replaced around 75% of my detailing products and they are my go-to gear. My everyday boot is now full of Phat and I can’t rate the lads enough for their service and what they have already achieved.

This has just been an introduction to Phat and our budding partnership with them. A lot is to come still with working together now and I’m genuinely excited to be part of it. It’s great to see the guys breaking the mould but still pushing the boundaries of quality car care products and systems.

Don’t forget our members get 20% discount off the stated prices. Head to our Facebook for info and contact myself or Ste!

So for now, peace out, enjoy the detailing and keep it PHAT 😉


(Thanks to Phat detailing for this partnership and allowing us to blog our honest unvetted opinions)

All prices stated were correct at time of writing, Phat detailing and Modified365 are not comparing products for sale purposes just information only, the views and opinions stated are that of CleanFreak and CleanFreak alone. Please when using any detailing products consult the instructions first. Suggestions for future reviews or for more information please contact dan.welling@modified365.net - if your are still reading this congratulations you made it to the boring T&C’s and I hope you find them interesting. If not….. tough. I’m literally just chatting rubbish now. Peace out good night!

The Vehicle Blackbox DVR – A Cheaper Alternative or a Waste of Money?

So I’ve been trying to get to grips with the Full HD 1080p Vehicle Blackbox DVR Dash Cam.

From the outset it looks like a nice compact unit; one that will not fill up and block vision on the windscreen. However things become a little more complicated once you power the unit on.

You are greeted by a barrage of Chinese symbols and pictures. Trying to navigate the menu system is a little complicated but I managed to get to a stage where I felt comfortable that hitting the record button the unit would do what it was meant to.

Unfortunately, this was not to be the case. The unit only works by a constant power supply. Which means you will constantly have to have this plugged into a 12v socket in the car and have the leads, which in my Honda Civic, were not long enough to reach the camera in an optimum viewing position on the windscreen.

When the power supply is also removed or disrupted then the camera unit goes into meltdown first freezing on a Chinese warning screen before shutting down completely.

I was not able to actually get the unit to a stage where it would record film; as it should.

I don’t know whether it was a defective unit or something in the setup; which was difficult due to the Chinese menu system.

In conclusion, the unit sounds like a fantastic option, on paper at least, for the price compared to more comprehensive and well-known brands. These units retail on eBay anywhere from £9.99 to £29.99 and I can honestly see why. It goes back to the age old saying “You get what you pay for”.

If the unit worked as it should, i.e. recording footage, then I would say yes, it could be an option for someone that just wants a little bit of protection when they eventually go out driving; your grandma popping to the shops once a week for her shopping & medication, for example.

My advice and recommendation would be; yes you can save money initially buying a cheaper unit such as this; but eventually you’ll be replacing it with a more expensive, trust worthy option, therefore spending more money in the long-run.

There are definitely better options out there available for just a little more expense.

A Jaunt Through the Pleasures (and Pains) of Modified Car Ownership

Hello, My name is Simon and I've come here today to say I'm an addict.

I've been told many times to stop what I'm doing and change my ways but I don't think I ever will. It started about 18 years ago.

I'd owned two cars previous a Peugeot 106 1.5 diesel and a Renault Megane 1.6 petrol, But the vice started with my first love a Peugeot 206 2L HDi. She was sitting in the garage next to a 1.4HDi but this one had a sports pack and it was instant love, my dad wanted me to get the 1.4 but I couldn't tear myself away from the 2L.

The car looked 'Different' and it made me smile that smile when you think "Oh yeah, that's the one"

It was also the car to introduce me to the 'Scene' I took my first timid steps into a club called 206info and it was an instant giddy high, there were people who shared the same thoughts and interests that took pride in their cars.

I attended meets, to, well, meet people! I met all kinds who were always a bunch of fun, but this had a drawback..

I realised my car was 'production' sure it was nice and looked sporty but it was still a pre-designed template. I realised it had to change... You don't buy a house on a street and make sure it has the same décor as all the others, you make it yours. So off I trotted with a painfully slim wallet to make the most of what I could get.

It started light with black tail lights and a black foglight but as I got more money the list increased, no matter how many items I knocked off the list it had already doubled in size. Exhausts, Full GTi 180 interior (cheap from a scrappy) Hand painted headlights and front fogs, Remaps, Vortex Alloys. It was great, the car looked fantastic but I wanted MORE

Talking to a person on 206info he realised I was legit and decided to help me on my first big leap mounting an intercooler to an un-intercooled car. This was complex and required items cut and shaped, specific parts bought for completely different cars to make them fit but success! I got it all done under his watchful eye and was awaiting two pipes to complete the setup

I thought this is it... my goal of making a car mine and deciding I want it to get on a magazine is two pipes and a paint tidy away.

And Disaster

To this day I still don't know what happened, I hit my head so hard on the B-pillar I suffer from intermittent short-term memory loss that can affect me even as I'm talking about something. I know I ended up going across the road backwards into a sandstone wall spinning at 60mph. The next thing I know I'm stepping out my suddenly quiet car onto my bonnet on a backroad in the pitch black. I cry. This was two years of my life gone, all my hard work had led to a pretty impressive hole in the wall.

But I walked away pretty unscathed and deciding to stop spending on cars because one minute they're there and the next BANG their gone...

It Wasn't The End..

In walks my next car, a little Renault Twingo 1.2 GT. This was nice, a little car which had some pep for it's size and looks really out of place, an eye catcher. Slide to 2 months later and it's back, the itches, the need. I spend time installing intercooler sprays, hid kits, wrapping parts of the car, remaps, exhausts for me to end up selling it just over a year into ownership.

Then it's a 'more economical and practical' Vectra 1.9 CDTi this barely gets out the door before it's remapped, exhaust and has parts resprayed there's no denying that the addiction had full hold.

But one night I'm idling browsing Autotrader and I spot my dream car, the one I've wanted since after my parting from the 206 a Vectra VXR in Arden Blue and this time it's affordable. I do research and even though the road tax is an upsetting 500 pound a year I take the plunge.

It's a lovely drive home even getting waves from other car owners on the motorway, the title says about the pains of modified cars well this is the beginning of my personal experience and frankly, bad luck.

The next day after driving the VXR back with a huge smile it's there, the yellow light that says nothing and everything at the same time, the engine management light.

I argue with the garage I bought it off and get it sent into a garage closer to home who says it's a cam sensor on bank two, so off I trot down to Manchester to give the seller the car back to fix on the way encountering another worrying fault, I lose brake force and get an unassisted pedal almost rolling out into traffic cause I couldn't stop the car. 

A week later the cars back the EML is gone but they say the brake issue is me overheating the fluid, so I send it into a Vauxhall garage and the service manager is rubbing his hands, the car has stretched all three timing chains, broken three springs and needs a new brake servo so my wallet is suddenly lighter to the tune of 1700 pound less than three months into ownership.

But this doesn't stop my modifying, it has boxes removed from the exhaust and parts sprayed, goes for a remap and it's back again the luck that shadows me, driving away from the remappers and it sounds like a boxer engine from a Scooby which turns out it's blowing the spark out cause of the boost.

This is made worse by the issue of it cooking coolant out the radiator, I limp about until my new plugs arrive only to find the Vectra has slipped it's bonnet cable so the bonnet won't open leaving me with my most painful job to date, cutting the bonnet open to release the catch.

It Was Now Time to Move On..

The car drains my bank dry and shows no sign of behaving itself, every time I feel angry I go out for a drive and all is forgiven until she throws a fit again. I upsettingly decide to part ways just under two years into ownership and look for another car on the basis that even if it has less power it has to have a bigger engine and be diesel

Now, we come to my current car. This one has been a pig aswell. Less than six months into ownership it had to have new front suspension, turbo, clutch and flywheel, propshaft bearing and headunit which eases for a few months and then the handbrake fails needing a complete rebuild, it needs new brake pipes from back to front, the front callipers seize and the rust is getting alarmingly bad.

I've passed the point of no return as the costs into the car have cost more than I bought it for so I'm stuck with it. She starts to get mods to the list of alloy refurb, full respray and new wings, remap, full exhaust, new headlights, hid kit, new kidney grills.

There was another article written where it said that you couldn't explain owning a BMW, this car has less space, less power, isn't as flashy or noisy or as comfortable as the VXR but I would never change it back, it's a werewolf in sheep skin and has shocked many people

So that addiction, Is it a bad thing?

I've had some pain with cars but they've caused me to meet great friends and have given me great memories. I'll never look back and be ashamed of what I've done or how much I've spent on them because that's small compared to when I park up and turn around to look with a smile from ear to ear.

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Someone Call the FEZ! Martins MK1

Hi, I'm Martin.

I joined the club about 6 months ago as I was sent a page like by a friend and everyone seems like a nice bunch. With shows this year I'm not too sure that the Fez will be attending as I've just bought a new house so cash is a bit tight as you can expect, but aiming to attend Cruises Culture RS Combe and maybe a few others.
Anyway, this is my 1979 Mk1 Fiesta - I bought the car in 2010 and I feel it's fair to say that it's come a long way over the last few years.

The car started its life as a White 957c Popular. Since then it's been fully stripped, all the rust removed, and had a full respray.

But it didn't stop there, after the respray it's had coilovers fitted, flocked dash, fully retrimmed interior, and clear indicators fitted and that's pretty much how it has been till about a year ago (January 2016)

Over the last 12 months, it's had a home built 1630 crossflow and 5-speed box fitted with a full sportex exhaust. The new engine is running around 100bhp.

That's about it for now. and this is how it currently stands.

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Carl’s Seat Leon Cupra 1.8 20v Turbo

Hi, I'm Carl and this is my Seat Leon Cupra 1.8 20v Turbo.

The car came to me in a bit of a sorry state.

I bought the car after I accidently blew the engine on my Subaru Impreza WRX, so I needed something cheap with a bit of potential that I could put some time and effort into to make my own.

When I got the car it had a slipping clutch, had a side skirt totally missing, one of the quarter panels was badly damaged, a lot of the interior trims were broken or missing, plus lots of silly things that needed attention.

I replaced the clutch, and all of the broken or missing parts including the parcel shelf, glove box ashtrays etc, and resprayed the quarter panel and replaced the side skirt, so she started to look her old self again.

With that, the modifying could begin! The car was already on adjustable coilovers when I bought her, plus a full stainless exhaust system which has a lovely tone, a carbon fibre induction kit, HID headlights and an adjustable dump valve.

The car is also remapped so I decided to go subtle with my additions. I've fitted KEI Racing 17" alloy wheels, Audi S3 cream suede and black leather Recaro seats, a boost gauge mounted in an air vent pod, and Focus RS bonnet vents.

I also changed the cream headlining for a black one, and I did some engine dress up, added some green Cupra side decals, with green painted callipers to match. I painted the mirror covers Grey and I also tinted the red lenses on the rear lights leaving the reverse light clear to tie in with that I've tinted the front headlights with fly eye film. The bodywork hasn't been forgotten and has been treated with an Autoglym life shine pack.

The car is far from finished, and will be getting the rear windows tinted in the near future, I also plan on upgrading to a Cupra R front and rear bumper and a Cupra R brake set up.

I hope you like what I've done with the car so far.



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Joe’s Seat Ibiza

Hello, I'm Joe Harper and I drive a Seat Ibiza SC SE 1.4 2013.

I bought this car last year, the main thing that attracted me to the car was the colour.

I didn't realise at the time but I've since learnt that this car was a prototype for the 1.4 FR Mk5 model, Seat only released so many SE models in this colour before the release of the FR models.

The car has the old VW engine which is bullet proof, they have since changed all the engines and also switched to a different battery. 

I've only done subtle touches to the car so far, I've changed the alloys, had the windows tinted, and also added my private plates.

I've got a lot of work is planned for the car to make it look so much better and sound better too!

I have had a lot of fun with this car and have made a lot of new friends through the car scene. With the car been different, it has taken me on whole new adventures to shows and to car events.

I also met my partner through the car scene which has been amazing. 

But like I say a lot of work is planned for the Seat and ill keep all updated on the progress.


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A BMW Owners Blog

Non-BMW owners find it hard to see why BMW owners show a passion for the car they drive. People who own other manufacture of cars also show passion, but, even they don’t seem to see why such a passion for an ‘Old Man’s’ car. BMW owners themselves, find it hard to explain why, with the most common response being, “It’s hard to explain”, and “You just don’t understand!”

This doesn’t help in the justification as we just sound like moaning teenagers. The truth is, it IS hard to explain. We know why we have this passion but trying to explain it to someone who has never experienced it is nearly impossible. They don’t do anything another car can’t do, but they do it just that little bit better in every way. (Cue the haters).

I am only on my second BMW. This is something else that not many other car owners say, I’m on my second, third, fourth…. As I guess people either want to experience something different when they change cars, or they just get what is available. But, once you go to BMW, it’s hard to go to anything else.

As I said, I am only on my second BMW, soon to be looking for a third. Before I had owned a BMW, I was never that interested in them. My dad had one and quickly followed that with a second, and he still has that one several years later. I didn’t understand why, until now. The main reason I got my first was because I had just got a promotion at work, which gave me quite a substantial pay rise. I wanted something to show my new found wealth. Originally, I wanted something like a Maserati or a Porsche Panamera. “Why didn’t you get one of them then?!?” I hear you ask. The main reason was down to money. I wanted something exotic and luxurious, but I didn’t want to squander my new wages all into one car.

So, I looked at a 7 series. This was just before the launch of the new shape, so it was a good position to be in. I could buy an older current shape car, stick my private plate on it and people would think it was a new one. I had a specific one in mind, though. I didn’t want it to look like an old man’s car. So I chose an Alpine White 740d M Sport. People were saying to me, I only wanted the 740 for more power, but, I’m not a speed freak. The only reason I wanted the 740 was because it had nice big symmetrical exhausts on either side. The lower models only had an exhaust on one side.

I found one I like; I had to drive all the way to Rochdale to see it. As soon as I set my eyes on it, I had to have it. It was beautiful.

Alpine white, big shiny silver alloys, oyster coloured leather interior with an aluminium trim.

This car started me on my current BMW passion. I understand why now, and, I hear myself saying those words above. “It’s hard to explain” and, “You just don’t understand”. I had this car for about 6 months. In the end, it was costing too much of that precious currency I had worked so hard to earn. I loved it to bits, but, my wife still hadn’t caught the bug.

I sold it to clear a few debts and settled for a boring but sensible Ford C-Max. I have grown to resent that car. The car that I feel presents me as a failure. I had achieved my goals and was able to show for it, but now, I have this green lump of metal that keeps my driveway dry. We had to get another BMW!

When it was time to change the wife’s car, I immediately took the opportunity to state that the replacement had to be a BMW. She gave in and finally agreed. I told her what ones I wanted, she told me what ones she liked, we compromised and settled for what we have now. A 2015 420d Gran Coupe M Sport. It’s safe to say, my wife now has the bug. She now understands the reason it had to be a BMW, she now understands why I couldn’t explain to her why. But, being as modest as she is, she would never want to admit it. But I know from the little smiles and her excited clapping when I finally let her drive that she has it.

Enough about my life story, what about the car?!?

Well, it is a 2015 BMW F36 420d Gran Coupe M Sport in Alpine White. (A bit of a mouthful). It has a replica M Performance kit on it with genuine 20” Liquid Black 624m Alloy wheels. It has a black leather interior with now 4d Carbon vinyl dash trim and carbon fibre mirror caps.

Below is a list of its options from the factory:

  • Automatic Trunk Lid Mechanism
  • M Sports Package
  • Reversing Camera
  • Sun Protection Glazing
  • Outside Mirror With Auto Dip
  • Interior Mirror With Automatic-Dip
  • Through-Loading System
  • Sports Seat
  • Lumbar Support, Driver And Passenger
  • Seat Heating Driver & passenger
  • Armrest Front, Retractable
  • Headlight Cleaning System
  • Park Distance Control (PDC)
  • Rain Sensor
  • Xenon Light
  • Adaptive Headlights
  • Automatic Air Conditioning
  • Cruise Control With Brake Function
  • Light Package
  • High-Beam Assistant
  • Lane-Change Warning
  • Active Protection
  • Driving Assistant
  • Navigation System Professional
  • DAB Tuner
  • Real-Time Traffic Information
  • Concierge Services
  • Remote Services
  • Instrument Cluster, Expanded Equipment
  • M Sports Suspension
  • M Leather Steering Wheel
  • M Aerodynamics Package

What can I say? This is definitely a bought not built car. Sure, it has some mods to it, but it’s not a modified car in most people’s eyes.

It is, however, a great car! The only way I can describe it is that it handles similarly to my old Peugeot RCZ Coupe with the feel and comfort inside of my old 7 Series.

For a standard engine, it’s no slouch. It is more than capable of outrunning most standard cars on the road of similar size, much to a lot of people’s surprise.  I even kept up with a Kawasaki Ninja for a while until he went over my own personal speed limit and I slowed down.

We have only had the car for a couple of months, so there isn’t a lot we can say about running costs. It’s averaging about 41mpg at the moment, it can do more, but we drive on country roads most of the time as that’s where we live. The tax is £30 a year, insurance is cheap and we have a mileage limit of 12k on the policy.

There is plenty of room in the back for the little one's car seat. It has five seats, but you can only realistically fit four adults in it. Maybe two adults and three kids at a push. The boot is long and shallow but has the option to remove the parcel shelf for a little extra depth.

We plan on doing a few little bits to it during our ownership and I look forward to keeping you all updated on its progress.

It feels good to be back in a car that turns heads. I once again feel that my hard work has been well represented to onlookers.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I apologise to all non-BMW owners. “You just don’t understand!”


A Little Swift Called Shaun

Hello, I'm Sammie Cammack and I own Shaun, one of the three Mk2 Suzuki Swifts I own.

I received him as a surprise from my parents and a family friend back in 2015. Only to then find out that they had actually bought him from someone I knew from school, Small world!

I previously owned a Swift as my first car and wanted to modify it, but due to rust of the floor, engine bay, chassis and the rest of it, he had to come off the road.

Now I had Shaun, a clean template to work with. He's got the standard 1L engine which I hope in the future to do some performance mods too, unless I can get hold of the swift GTi 1.3 engine.

For the first year, I managed minor changes such as the grille, alloys, de-badged and changed the indicator units, the back speakers had a sneaky upgrade too.

Back in April 2016, I ended up being involved a minor accident, the car ended up with a damaged front drivers wing a smashed indicator lens and a scuffed bumper.

Due to this and the insurance, I was close to losing the car to the scrappers mainly down to his age (15yrs).

Luckily though he didn't end up there and went to a family friend who worked wonders on giving him a new look.

The bump strips and rust on back arches were removed, dents pulled out, the bumper from an old swift was resprayed and fitted, and the alloys were refurbed and sprayed.

Not long after I got rear tints and the bonnet and spoiler resprayed too.

He now looks amazing but has a long way to go before completion.

I'll make sure to keep you updated!


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Meguiar’s Paint Protect Review

Hi, my names CleanFreak and I’m OCD with car cleaning.

So, as some of you maybe aware I can tend to be a little obsessed with car cleaning shall we say? Its started when I bought my first car at 16 and I’m afraid to say it hasn’t stopped yet.

With this comes the fact I’m always looking for a better finish, I’ve easily spent thousands on products some that I’ve used once and never touched again. Not because the product is bad, more because I don’t personally like it or it doesn’t do what I want.


Anyone who knows me will know I’m an avid Swissvax lover, I struggle to find anything that I will use instead of Swissvax when it comes to protection. Doesn’t mean I’m single minded, its just what I prefer.

So on with the job at hand, whilst at work at a trade show I bumped into Dale Masterman from Mequiars UK. Really nice bloke and was pleasant enough to indulge me in some boring detailers talk and questions. My main one being the risks of their wash anywhere system.

After a while Dale showed me one of their protection products named Paint protect. It’s a red thin liquid, which boasts 365days worth of protection, which of course made me sceptical. 365 days is a big claim but hey we are modified365 so it must be fate right? So I got a bottle and thought it would be a great chance to try something new.

The product its self looks well presented in the bottle, as I’ve said its thin and has basically no odour which is always good as there is nothing worse the using something that smells of rotten eggs (ironX cough cough). So I just had to wait for a chance to use it.

The following weekend it was time to attack the family car. A 2016 Nissan Qashqai in metallic black. Brand new. No marks on the paint and had previously had a treat of swissvax best of show and shield combination for protection.

So I thought we would trail the Megs paint protection on this.

As always the car was washed and cleaned using the 2 bucket method (safest way to wash a car) and then clayed to remove what contaminants and protection was previously on the car.

Time to use the paint protection.

I used one of the throw away lint free cloths I have to apply it, although it does recommend a foam applicator I find these do just as well and I always throw it away after application so not to use again.

I started with shaking the bottle well as it suggests, but one annoying point was the sediment in the bottom of the bottle would go, no matter how much I was doing the Harlem shake (WHOO?)

Opening the bottle I then applied the cross onto the cloth expecting to having to top the cloth up between panels.

Starting with the bonnet I applied using circular motions and was surprised just how much area the one cross on the cloth covered. In fact I would say it’s was well over half the car.

The paint protect has a very oily feel to it, both on hand and paint and unlike traditional waxes, it doesn’t haze, you can easily see where you have applied and haven’t with the oil like smear it creates.

So after applying it to the entire car I left it for 5 minutes as that is as long as it needs according to the instruction.

Buffing off I used a super plush microfiber, this was a little harder to remove all the residue then expected but that was only due to how easy it went on, I presumed buffing would be that same. Me being me after buffing with the super plush towel I then went to the Swissvax Blue micro polish cloth to increase the shine.

Apparently that’s it! The finish was very pleasing nice shine no marks. And half the time it would normally take me to apply my first coat of wax!

Curing takes 24 hours but hey this is Britain, it rains after we have all opened that first beer in the sun, so I sprayed the car with a light hose to see the protection it offers instantly. Tight beading and great sheeting. Happy days!

24 hours after in the morning I went out to the car and of course during the night it had rained. The car was beading lovely on the roof and bonnet with the rear quarter being completely dry!

The test was on!

72 hours on and beading was still strong.

1 Week later, no wash - still good protection.

2 Weeks, still no wash and yep, still protecting.

After 3 weeks I decided to give the car a quick wash and I’m still happy with the results.

Then came the good test, a trip up to Liverpool to see the family up there, good amount of road film and bugs splat, plus the parking there is under trees, lots and lots of sap followed by the journey home. The sap obviously acting like glue for all the road film and bugs.

So on return, the car was washed using the 2-bucket method and to my surprise, after the top dirt was removed it beaded up like a dream!

Now obviously I haven’t tested the full 365 days claim but so far I am impressed I haven’t re-applied or topped it up with anything else and it’s doing well.

My conclusion of the product is that it’s a very cost-effective way of getting a great layer of protection when time is tight, the finish is good but not as deep as waxes of course, but still acceptable for a daily car and people still notice the cleanliness of the car. For cost to amount used, I'd say it’s a very reasonable price and when taking time into consideration can save you a fair bit in future applications.

All in another top product from the boys at Megs and now part of my regular products used.

Anthony’s Signature Series Dimma

Hi all, my name is Anthony Kelly I first purchased my standard Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI in July 2014 with the intention of restoring it with as many genuine new parts as I could come across.

It didn't have much history with the car when I bought it just previous mots and a few service receipts to back up the mileage of 124000. I found the car on eBay and after driving to Nuneaton to view the car twice I decided it was the cleanest one out of many which I looked at having had a lot of bodywork and a sort of mini restoration done to it excluding the interior so went with it.

In the past I have owned over 20 Peugeot 205s, ranging from base models like the 1.1 style to the nicer CTIs and GTIs, I currently now own the Dimma and a 306 GTI6.

I have purchased lots of new genuine OE parts, from body to mechanical parts for the restoration.  My phase 2 half leather interior had seen better days and the red carpet was rather faded, so I decided I wanted a full restoration of the interior having full grey leather seats, grey carpet and doors cards. So once I had found the company I wanted (Stitches, High Roding in Essex) to use for the seat refurb and retrim in grey leather.

I then visited my local bodyshop and booked the car in for a full respray and restoration of the bodywork. 

The paintwork wasn't terrible but as I had purchased new bumpers, arch kit, and various other external trims I thought it would improve it by fitting all that and respraying it, giving it that fresh new paint look, thankfully when I bought the car I checked for rust areas and any major body faults and found none so the restoration would have been a fairly simple and easy task for the bodyshop. This work didn't actually go ahead though as plans changed completely after setting eyes on a Dimma 205.

In early spring 2015, I decided to go to an open day at Dimma Design in Runcorn and completely fell in love with the new signature series car that Terry Pankhurst had started building.

Dimma, is a well-known company based in Cheshire who in the late 80s to early 90s had a big involvement with Peugeot. Peugeot would provide Dimma with a brand new un-registered Peugeot 205 GTi and in 5 weeks they would turn it around and send it back to Peugeot looking like a Dimma.

Now 20 years later, Dimma decided they wanted to create 10 new build 205 Dimma's, this would consist of a customer supplying them with a good used 205 GTi and Dimma then setting to work stripping the car down to start the restoration work to turn into a Dimma. 

After various conversations with Terry at Dimma I decided I wanted my standard car to become a Dimma build so it was booked in.

The car was then driven to Dimma Design after attending the Retro Show at Santa Pod later in the year for the conversion to start.

After dropping the car of on July 23rd, 2015 I must admit that I felt lost on the weekends not having my car to work on and tinker with, as it used to take a lot of my spare time up, doing little bits of work to it and changing various parts.

The conversion consisted of new front wider wings which are a replacement for the originals, new rear quarters again which are wider and are bonded over the original rear wing, a side skirt which joins the 2 which is bonded into place over the sill of the car, front and rear wider bumpers and finally a nice rear spoiler.

After fitting all of this and prepping the bodywork the car would then go in for a full respray and this included dropping the engine out to spray inside the bay. Once out of the spray shop it was then put back together, Windows, doors, bonnet etc, and finally, the part that I think makes the car the 16" Dimma split rims.

I collected the finished car from Terry Pankhurst on the 25th of September 2015 just in time to attend my first show in it which was the Performance French Cars Expo at Donington Exhibition Centre on the 27th of September, where I entered the car into the top 40 show and shine.  I didn't place in this, but I felt I had an even better result than that as it was awarded ‘Adrian Flux PFC Expo best car of show’.

I couldn't believe it, I was so shocked and happy that after all the hard work which had gone into the car it was awarded ‘best of show’ which is a credit to both Terry and I.  The car is currently off the road for this winter, I have various plans for it over the next few years.

The current engine specs are just a rebuilt 1.9 GTi engine, this was done about 3 years ago by the previous owner but I have no receipts for this so will be re-done again, it has a magnex exhaust system manifold back and Gaz adjustable coilovers with adjustable top mounts to play with the camber.

I'm currently striping the cars engine out and underside parts of to all be powder coated and rebuilt this will consist of taking the engine out for a full rebuild, again using all genuine OE parts, the rebuild will be completely stripping the engine and vapour blasting all the external parts and each nut and bolt will be electro-plated.

I will do another update once all the other work I have planned has been completed.  Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting lots of you at various shows throughout 2017.

-Anthony Kelly

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