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We all know the situation now, everyone is looking for the best finish they can possibly get for their cars. Deep glossy look but not sacrificing any protection.

Since the detailing scene had a massive boom some years ago it seems new companies with “innovative” products are popping up everywhere, mix this with the big boys bringing out new products it can be a bit of a minefield to negotiate what is right for both your car and you.

Products around now seem to escalate in price too… I’m guilty of paying well into the 3 figures for a wax and my detailing collection alone must be in the thousands. But hey that’s why I’m CleanFreak right?

Ok ok. So what am I trying to get at here, well as most of you now know we have partnered up with the dudes over at Phat detailing, to give our members some great offers and advice when it comes to car care. DON’T WORRY! This is by no means an advert for them, just 100% honesty and truth with the added touch of an introduction to Phat and what they are about.

Why Phat?

I first came across Phat on the standard Instagram posts, people tagging them saying about the great results and their great products, so of course, the self-confessed OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Detailer) in me wanted to know and started the research; I had a mooch around the website and came across a good range of products. Interior, exterior, protection etc. but then something caught my eye.

The Prices.

I found it bizarre, at how at a time when products seem to be going up in price, Phat are hitting the market so low. Take their fallout, £7.99 for 500ml. whereas most other brands you will only just see a bit of change from £15, ok so not a huge difference but take into fact these low prices follow through the whole range you can save yourself a fair bit on a full restock, IF the products are up to standard quality wise.

So in goes the order.

I decided to try a few things at first.

  • Get Your Zest On All Purpose Cleaner
  • Clay Me Up Lube
  • Suds Shampoo
  • Fallout Iron Remover
  • Phunky Detailer Quick Detailing Spray Plus More

Now, I’m not going to go into full details of each product here as I’m not trying to put you to sleep with some light reading and will be doing individual reviews over the course of the next few blogs. So instead I’m going to touch on my findings overall and a few pointers on some products.

The products arrived in a quick fashion well packaged and no spills or leaks a huge plus! (A massive annoyance for me)

So off we went for a play - The car used was, of course, the Qashqai as I know exactly what the paint is like and what previous products have been used as no one has washed it but me since it left the stealership, sorry, dealership.

Using the 2BM (Bucket Method) with a swissvax wash poodle pad and swissvax drying towel we started with the initial wash and I was surprised at how far a little of the shampoo went, it seemed to easily lift the bug residue and road grime efficiently enough so thumbs up there! Next was the Phunky Detailer, sprayed over the vehicle whilst wet to aid the drying process, using the swissvax towel then following over with the Modified365 Plush Microfibre. I was happy with the results, a nice shine with no residue left behind.

Now this is where I was WHEELEY impressed

Sorry for the pun!

I purchased the wheeley clean and keep ‘em shiney products and honestly was pleasantly surprised.

The wheeley clean came active nicely when agitated with a brush and took the brake dust and road grime off the diamond cut wheels really nicely, I tried it in the arches too and the same happy results.

I of course then finished them with keep ‘em shiney. A review yet to be done on its durability and quality but so far so good. So good in fact that it's now my only wheel system to use!

Now I did buy a few bits of protection but again ill post a review of those in due course but for now here is a sneak peak at the type of finish I was achieving with a bit of a play around.

Safe to say I love them.


Now, by all means, I’m not saying I found all their products amazing, one, in particular, I didn’t get on with and that was bling me dash, it smells nice and gives a great finish but when raining and the door is open the water tends to take the finish off leaving water marks and runs.

I think in future this product in my personal choice will be a no - however, they do have an alternative product called trim bling that can be used on any trims internal and external. It smells nice but not as nice as bling me dash but gives a brilliant finish with a protective seal too, I’m happy with that.

The products from Phat seem well thought about, ever tweaked but most importantly cost effective!

I can honestly say my skepticism that I had at first has been put to one side. To prove a point here is a comparable shopping list of products based on Phat and Another Firm.



AF (Another Firm)

  Shampoo £7.99 £11.95
  Clay Lube £4.99 £7.95
  Detailing Spray  £7.99 £9.95
  Wheel Cleaner £6.99 £8.95
  Wheel Sealant £4.99 *Spray* £19.95 *Wax*
  TFR £5.99 £8.95
  Snowfoam 1L £8.99 £12.95
  Fallout remover £7.99 £11.95
  Trim dresser £4.99 *250ml* £11.95 *500ml*
  Tyre shine £7.99 £8.95
  Glass cleaner £4.99 £6.95
  Panel spray sealant £8.99 £16.95
  TOTAL BASKET £82.88 £137.40

SO you can get quality shine for low prices see.

Now I know some products may be better than others but this is to just show you what the guys at Phat are trying to do, which brings me to the guys themselves. I can’t fault them. Happy to help with any queries in products and are genuinely just a load of car guys, looking to bring good products to the scene without it costing everyday people the world to do. They are very much like us at Modified365 about making things equal, fair and going back old skool ways of the cars scene of no elitism or cliques.

So, to sum up, I think the boys at Phat have really done something great here, they seem to have some good, some great and frankly some sheer amazing products but not one of them give you a second thought of should I really spend that much! I have now replaced around 75% of my detailing products and they are my go-to gear. My everyday boot is now full of Phat and I can’t rate the lads enough for their service and what they have already achieved.

This has just been an introduction to Phat and our budding partnership with them. A lot is to come still with working together now and I’m genuinely excited to be part of it. It’s great to see the guys breaking the mould but still pushing the boundaries of quality car care products and systems.

Don’t forget our members get 20% discount off the stated prices. Head to our Facebook for info and contact myself or Ste!

So for now, peace out, enjoy the detailing and keep it PHAT 😉


(Thanks to Phat detailing for this partnership and allowing us to blog our honest unvetted opinions)

All prices stated were correct at time of writing, Phat detailing and Modified365 are not comparing products for sale purposes just information only, the views and opinions stated are that of CleanFreak and CleanFreak alone. Please when using any detailing products consult the instructions first. Suggestions for future reviews or for more information please contact dan.welling@modified365.net - if your are still reading this congratulations you made it to the boring T&C’s and I hope you find them interesting. If not….. tough. I’m literally just chatting rubbish now. Peace out good night!