Something new is happening..

The Forum may be gone, But it's not all over yet!

 We would like to thank everyone who has helped build our community over the past few years, we really appreciate everything you do within the 365 Community, we have taken the decision to close down our forum due to lack of use the vast and the majority of 'Team365' living and communicating on Facebook now rather than an old fashioned forum, this gives us a great opportunity to start something fresh with our website.

Modified365 has had a great few years of modifying, friendship building, showing on club stands and also expending with other Car Communities joining the 365 Team. We've also won The Best Club Stand of the Day at Forge Motorsport Action Day at Castle Combe 2015 and to say this all started from just a couple of friends with their cars is truly amazing, We can only thank our members for the success it has all been so far.

 Fear not though, just because the Forum has gone doesn't mean we are going anywhere, things are looking even better for next season, we've extended our family, got companies involved with us, and are now moving forward more than we could have ever imagined.

Our new line of Decals, Lanyards and Club Clothing are now launched also so get ordering ready for the show season!

Thanks again everyone, without you, we couldn't do what we do.


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